At BeatBlip, we’re focused on our clients’ needs – not just for today, but for the future. That’s why we’re constantly exploring, testing and introducing new features and functionality that speeds up and simplifies software testing.

Following section lists some of the key features of BeatBlip :

  • Web Application Functional and Regression Test Automation
    BeatBlip allows to automate functional and regression testing of web applications regardless of the technology stack they are built upon.
  • Mobile Web, Native, and Hybrid App Test Automation
    In order to offer a unified solution, BeatBlip also supports test automation for Android and iOS mobile applications along with web applications.
  • Reliable & Efficient Test Environment Agnostic Testing
    When testing for our clients we use real browsers and devices for test execution, ensuring reliability of results. And the same scripts can be executed in multiple browsers and operating systems without requiring any changes.
  • Data Driven, Scheduled, and Parallel Testing
    Tests can be scheduled to execute unattended and/or in parallel to save testing time. Also, same tests can be executed with different set of data inputs.
  • Database Integration or Excel Based Inputs
    BeatBlip can accept test input from multiple sources, including integrated databases, Excel files and dynamically collected page data.
  • Advanced Reporting & Analytics
    BeatBlip offers graphical reports with different view levels – Dashboard, Summary, and Detail. For example, you can view data at a project level, or down at a test level. Reports are available in PDF, HTML, Excel, and CSV formats.
  • Integration with Development Tools and Processes
    BeatBlip supports integration with tools such as Bugzilla, JIRA, and HP ALM . We can also integrate with custom business processes and tools such as Jenkins and Bamboo for continuous delivery.
  • Quick Test Recording and Maintenance
    Our integrated Page Visualizer tool automatically identifies and captures page elements that the end user would interact with. The tool also offers the option to import Selenium tests. And for improved and simplified test maintenance, BeatBlip also provides an automated UI change detection functionality.
  • Localization Support
    Testing an application for localization should not require additional effort. BeatBlip supports testing of application for multiple languages, time zones, and currencies.
  • Custom Plugins and Extensions
    BeatBlip empowers non-programmers to automate testing comfortably, while enabling expert automation engineers to extend its capabilities with the same ease. Users can bundle commonly used test steps into a single reusable command or offer options that may not be supported out of the box.  
  • Advanced Variable Support
    In order to make scripts both robust and reusable, BeatBlip supports dynamic variables with different scopes – including Project, Module, Test Suite, and Test Case. Variables are supported in test scripts, test data, locators, and DB queries to handle the dynamic nature of the application under test. 
  • Efficient Team Collaboration
    BeatBlip’s distributed architecture allows teams to better utilize their resources and work smarter and more efficiently.