Whether you already have some test automation in place or just starting out, BeatBlip can help you in meeting your goals faster. BeatBlip has demonstrated its value repeatedly even in case of applications that are considered highly complex from a test automation perspective.

Performing functional and regression testing on a software manually is no longer an option for test teams. Highly agile development cycles require software to be released faster yet with utmost confidence. Automating testing/test automation however is not devoid of challenges either. For a start, there are many tools to choose from and it’s hard to differentiate among options. Often teams are required to use more than one tool to accomplish their test automation goals.

BeatBlip addresses these challenges – and many others – very well. In fact, critical takeaways like these served as lead drivers in the way we designed BeatBlip. Ultimately, BeatBlip stands out as a unified test automation solution – one not only delivers advanced features out of the box but also lets users customize and extend its capabilities.

Below are some of the benefits of leveraging BeatBlip:

  • Measurable cost savings BeatBlip combines the power of popular open source tools such as Selenium and Appium to offer a solution that’s cost effective yet highly reliable.
  • Easy to learn and implement BeatBlip is easy to learn and implement. A resource with no test automation or programming background can learn the tool and be productive within a couple of days.
  • Fast – While the agile world of software development demands shorter release cycles, applications are required to be tested across an ever-increasing list of platforms, browsers, and devices. BeatBlip helps in quickly improving the test coverage, shrinking the test cycle, and ultimately reduces the time to market.
  • Efficient – BeatBlip allows teams to focus on what they do best. Development teams can focus on innovation and building cool products while test teams can utilize their time in exploratory testing and finding critical bugs as opposed to getting consumed by writing test software.
  • Flexible – BeatBlip is a feature-rich solution built using a platform approach. This allows users to build custom plug-ins and extensions for any specialized needs.
  • ROI-driven – BeatBlip keeps the ongoing maintenance of test automation low, even for highly dynamic, complex, and fast evolving applications, ensuring a return on your investment.