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How AI-Powered Test Automation Is Enabling Digital Transformation?

The pandemic has meant an acceleration in digital transformation by months or even years. The move to digitization has accelerated, and the benefits will be permanent. – KPMG Study There is no doubt that the Pandemic has incrementally accelerated the push towards digital transformation for organizations across every industry. The new realities brought about by […]

Why Automate Salesforce Testing?

Recently, Salesforce was named a “Leader in the CRM Magic Quadrant” for the 13th consecutive year by Gartner. Salesforce presently holds 20% of the global Customer Relationship Management (CRM) market share and a base of more than 150,000 customers, making it the number one cloud CRM offering. It delivers a top-notch platform for managing sales, […]

How can AI-powered Process Automation Catalyze Digital Transformation?

“Digital adoption has taken a quantum leap in the last two years both at the organizational and industry levels.” – McKinsey study The world we live in has dramatically changed in the last two years. In just a few months, the pandemic has brought about years of change in the way organizations across all sectors […]

6 Reasons why Your QA Team needs Hyperautomation

“By 2024, organizations using Hyper Automation will see over 30% drop in their operational costs”.  – Gartner Hyperautomation featured at the top of Gartner’s list of strategic technology trends for 2020, and again in 2021. Gartner even predicted that “hyperautomation is an unavoidable market state“. Today, every organization is flooded with repetitive rules-based tasks which […]

Why Multi-experience App Development cannot thrive without Test Automation?

Test automation enables organizations to rapidly generate and execute test cases, reduces the time and complexities of the development cycle, continuously improves app quality, allows testers to work hand-in-hand with multi-disciplinary development teams. Today, organizations are feverishly modernizing, centralizing, and consolidating their application infrastructure to match the rapid pace of technological change. Delivering optimum digital […]

6 Benefits of Automating Regression Testing

Regression testing automation simplifies iterations, creates unified standards across all projects, saves time, and delivers other benefits to testing teams. A software product or application goes through many code changes during its development lifecycle (SDLC). This is the nature of the software world. New features and functionalities need to be added to software products on […]

Why Test Automation is Imperative for IoT apps?

Test automation solutions allow users to test an app across various devices and platforms, thereby helping testers get over the device and platform diversity challenges of IoT testing. The Internet of Things, or IoT, is not a buzzword anymore. Today, IoT applications are transforming organizations into digital businesses, facilitating new business models, improving efficiency, and […]

Why Automated Application Security Testing is Essential?

The automation approach allows organizations to strengthen Application Security Testing, making it more iterative, and much more agile to deal with existing digital security challenges. Application security is no longer an afterthought but one of the foremost considerations for organizations. Applications across platforms and industries, if not secured adequately, pose grave security threats since hackers […]

6 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Selecting a Test Automation Solution

One of the critical factors for realizing the benefits of test automation is the tool that’s selected for implementing automation. A wrong choice of test automation tool can lead to failure and frustration at all levels. As the demand for delivering high software quality is increasing, organizations are moving toward test automation. In the past […]

Top 8 Quality Analysis Trends that will Rule in 2021 and Beyond

2021 promises to be an eventful year as far as QA and testing practices are concerned. Software testing and QA will attain new heights and enable organizations to confidently release software within the shortest time lapse. The year 2020 sprung many surprises for the organizations and accelerated their shift to the digital. The pandemic and […]