Random Number function

This function is used to generate 16 digit random number. It takes 3 parameters in which third is the optional one. There is an additional field to check the validation of the credit card.

First parameter: Type of card.
Second parameter: Number of random digits.
Third parameter: Number of time user wants that random number separated by comma. isValidccCheck: Select true if you want to check if randomly generated number is valid or not.

We support various type of Credit cards like: visa , master , amex , discover , enroute , jcb , voyager , diners. User has to provide the exact type of the credit card in the function as mentioned here.

Syntax: ${__ccnum(visa,16,1)}

Edit parameter section and click on Form, select functions from the dropdown and select CREDITCARDNUMBERGENERATOR function. Now select the type of card you want from the dropdown and fill the form.

After completing this step it will look as below:

In the above snapshot, random number generated will be stored in a variable defined in Element key.

Further this function is a generic function and it can be used to generate a random number of given number of digits.

Example: ${__ccnum(visa,10)} ==> 4024007140
Example: ${__ccnum(visa,5,2)} ==> 64356,35231

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