Pricing and Licenses

Flexible and Scalable Plans for Teams and Projects of any Size

At BeatBlip, we offer flexible license options – BeatBlip Pro and BeatBlip Agent. License fees depend on the number of licenses required, need for remote testing environment and integration with test management and defect tracking tools. Based on these requirements, we will provide a custom price quote.

The features and privileges of our license models are mentioned below:

Features & PrivilegesBeatBlip ProBeatBlip Agent
Creation and Management of Test Automation and Associated Artifacts 
Test Execution
Test Scheduling & Execution Plans 
Execution Reports and Screenshots
Advanced Reporting & Analytics 
Report Sharing 
Report History 
Parallel Test Execution
CI/CD Integration (AWS Code Pipeline, Jenkins, Bamboo, TFS, Azure DevOps)
Auto Bug Logging (GitLab, Jira, TFS, Bugzilla) 
Auto Healing of Scripts 
Localization Testing 
Project Export (XML / Java+JUnit) 
Data Management (for Data-Driven Testing) 
System Test Automation (any combination of Web, Mobile, Desktop, Restful, and Batch Processes)
Database Integration (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, Influx, Teradata, Cassandra, DynamoDB, S3)
Accessing Multiple Databases Simultaneously 
SQL Script Creation and Management 
JavaScript Creation and Management 
Content Validation (Hyperlinks) 
Test Change History Tracking 
External Process Execution 
External Script & Locators Import 
Test Data Import & Management (Excel, CSV, PDF) 
Locators Import & Management 
User Role & Rights Administration 
Custom Plugins SDK 
Product Updates, Training, and Support
Product Updates for the Term
Standard Support for the Term
Unlimited Access to How-To Guides, Online Tutorials, and Training Videos

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