An Introduction to AgreeYa BeatBlip
In the modern era of DevOps and Agile, testing and quality assurance teams need an end-to-end test and business process
automation solution to rapidly release products and ensure optimum quality standards. BeatBlip, a codeless continuous test automation solution enables businesses to take their testing and QA processes to the next level.
DEMO | AI-powered Auto Test Generation
BeatBlip enables users to auto generate test cases using the built-in recorder. Just go to the relevant page/section of your target application, record the test steps and BeatBlip will perform the testing automatically.
DEMO | AI-powered Auto Test Healing
BeatBlip utilizes the power of AI to auto heal the test scripts.
This feature allows BeatBlip to identify an UI change and adapt the testing process likewise. It saves the QA experts from having to write the test scripts all over again.
DEMO | Auto Bug Logging
In this video we will explore how BeatBlip’s data-driven testing and auto bug logging work. BeatBlip supports various bug tracking tools. It logs all the bugs and the test steps involved in testing.
DEMO | Continuous Testing (DevOps)
In this video we will show you how BeatBlip integrates your automated tests with CI/CD platforms such as Azure DevOps. BeatBlip helps test teams stay agile and continuously test for early detection of bugs.
Technical Session | Transforming Test Automation with DevOps, AI, and RPA
Learn how the adoption of AI and RPA, in conjunction with DevOps, is transforming test automation and the positive impact it’s having on businesses.