Setcellvalue function

This function is used to write the data in excel file at given sheet number and at given index.
This function takes in four parameters.
First parameter: alias name (same as defined in load excel function).
Second parameter: column name an then value separated by equals to dot(.) index, equals value which use wants to enter.
Third parameter: sheet number.
Fourth parameter: Orientation (either H for horizontal or V for vertical).

Syntax: ${__setcellvalue(alias name,column name=value.index,sheet number,orientation)}

Example: ${__setcellvalue(ex,username=Lalit,V)}

Select RUN command from the action drop down, leave Screen name, Element key blank and provide this function in parameter section as shown below:

Note: It is mandatory to load an excel file or create a new excel file using command CREATE_EXCEL and then user can use the alias name to set the value in file.

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