PDFtable function

This function is used to read and store PDF table data and then use that data for validation.
RUN Command will be used to achieve this feature and in the parameters section user will pass the pdf function as given below:

Syntax: ${__pdftable(path of pdf file, some text just before the table, some text just after the table, alias name)}

Example: ${__pdftable(E:\SampleFiles_for_BB\SamplePDFs\sample-tables.pdf,Table 4,Table 5,table)}

The second and third parameter is some text just before and after the table whose data we are going to store. Here table is a alias or variable which has the table data and will be used for fetching data using dot(.) with column name.

Example: ${__getcellvalue( table.Actor)} Here, Region is the column name.

Further user can give idexing also after column name.
Example: ${__getcellvalue(table.Actor.2)}

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