Technology Session | A Winning Approach to Test Automation that Guarantees Both Speed and Quality

Recently our experts delivered an impactful technology session on “A Winning Approach to Test Automation that Guarantees Both Speed and Quality”. The session touched upon a critical test automation aspect.

While everyone knows that test automation can work wonders, the recent World Quality Report suggests that “the value organizations generate, and the level of test automation is still below 20%.

While the demand for delivering high-quality software at speed is driving the widespread implementation of test automation across industries, often automations end in frustration, budget overrun, or both. Watch our technical session to learn about major roadblocks encountered by organizations in their test automation journeys. Additionally, our experts have analyzed many test automation journeys across technology, healthcare, pharmaceutical & biotech, telecommunications, financial, public sector, and other industries to share steps and strategies that can help organizations avoid test automation challenges and to deliver superior quality software fast – all the while keeping the costs under check.

Watch our technical session to learn:

  • How to set practical goals for test automation?
  • How to select a test automation tool befitting your purpose?
  • How to create winning test automation strategies?
  • How to automate your software pipeline at speed with TestOps?
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Amit Sikka

Amit Sikka
Director, Testing
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